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Wedding Planning Wollongong… Abby + Liam

Posted on Jun 23, 2015 by in Styling

wollongong wedding planning

Wedding Planning Wollongong – and the things you just can’t plan!

Abby and Liam had a great wedding planning wollongong team. With two proud sisters and an equally proud Mum, Abby and Liam had a great team behind her when it came to making decisions about their big day. Abby and Liam are a laid back duo who’s wedding day was always destined to be a mammoth party! The plans were in place, the arrangements were made.. the big day came- and so did the rain clouds!
Determined to beat mother nature at her own game, Abby and Liam decided to proceed with their ceremony on the beautiful shore of Little Austi Beach. The guests rolled in, as did the clouds… the scene was set, the guests eagerly awaiting the beautiful bride and her maids… but the storm beat them and the crowd scattered to shelter beneath the nearby pine trees and garages of nearby homes.
The Owl and Pussycat Team was not to be outdone by the down pour and quirky packed up the ceremony and made arrangements for the reception venue to be transformed to the perfect (back up) ceremony location!
Take a look at anabolicscience the snaps by Michael Boyle Photography below to check out the Styling + Florals Owl + Pussycat Events created for Abby + Liams magic day!