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Theming Your Wedding

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 by in Styling

it’s not all chair sashes and table runners!

If you are reading this, then we are safely assuming you are the type of bride (or groom) who is looking to breathe a little bit of personality into their wedding, so here is a little advice on how we think you could go about it…

Too often we see (and cringe) at a wedding that has put their heart and soul into a theme… but it was quite clear that the aim at the outset was to match, and in our opinion this is where it all went wrong!

Brides, let it be known that a beautiful wedding need not match, it must coordinate! The chair sashes need not match the bridesmaids, which match the ties, which match the invites, which match the cake which match the groom’s cousin’s pet bird’s feeding bowl (did I go too far?)… however for a beautifully put together day, look to coordinate.

Shades and hues that all work around your chosen theme, design elements such as lace or twine that are cleverly worked into unexpected spaces. The options are endless once you open your mind to the possibilities. Don’t get us wrong, we do love a good colour themed wedding! Just don’t let the colour swatches and fabric samples weigh you down with your styling choices for your big day.

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