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Styling your dream wedding…

Posted on May 2, 2013 by in Styling

Weddings can be overwhelming.

Once you begin to plan your wedding it is easy for your wedding to simply take over your thoughts night and day (or is that just us?!)

With the trend of traditional wedding options being omitted for more personalised approaches, brides and grooms to be are looking for new and novel ways to inject their personality into their big day.

To help our brides stay on track with their decisions such as dresses and invitations, we offer an inspiration board made of suggested design elements and colours, ensuring a well coordinated wedding.

Here are some tips on creating your own style inspiration board

    1. Consider your venue

      You may want a rustic garden wedding, but you have chosen a venue with lush purple velvet carpet and downlights. With some clever styling you will be able to achieve your garden look (nothing is impossible!) but be sure to consider this in your budget.
      Our advice is to choose a venue that suits your personality and style, consider your budget, and speak with the venue about what restrictions you may have when it comes styling your wedding.

    2. Visit

      Take note of the kinds of places you visit with your bride or groom to be. Do you visit the beach? Do you drive for hours to find the best mango gelato? Let these little experiences shine through and share them with your guests. A wedding is all about two people and their journey to finding love, it is a great opportunity to share your favourite things with the people who love you most. These little things will help create the “That was SOOO & ” talk after your big day!

    3. Chop & Stick!

      Cut things out that inspire you! Place them on your desk, a pin board, a fridge… consider what it is you like, is it the shape? The colour? Is it how it makes you feel? We suggest home décor magazines, fashion magazines, travel books for some fresh inspiration!

    4. Ideas!

      No visit this site idea is too silly, write it down! You may not use it, but you would be surprised at how the silly ideas morph into realistic and innovative concepts!

    5. Buy a book

      And keep all your inspirations in one place. Its wonderful to look back on after your big day also!

    6. Throw it on the table

      Lay out your inspirations, know your limitations… and begin to cull. Maybe you can’t manage a sunset wedding in the outback, but gee aren’t the colours great? (see where we are going with this?!)

    7. Decide on your elements

      Now you have an idea about what inspires you, its time to decide on your design elements. Is it lighting? Will it be colour? Will you use a texture or perhaps a fabric?

This is what forms your inspiration board!

Now, you are ready to continue planning!

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