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Let's talk Wedding Planning…

Posted on Dec 22, 2013 by in Styling

A wedding planner won’t BREAK your budget… we’ll MAKE your budget…

So many people cross off “wedding planner” from the list when organising their wedding, usually as a way of saving costs: A wedding planner is an indulgence for well off hollywood stars after all, right?! Wrong!

Well, today we’re here to tell you that a wedding planner won’t cost you money, infact IF they are good at their job (like us!) they will SAVE you money! Not to mention time, and sanity!

In our words, a Wedding Planner is the one that keeps it calm to insure there is no storm!


So here is how we can help you have the wedding of YOUR DREAMS, on YOUR BUDGET


WHERE TO START Oxandrolone – set your priorities

Once the excitement subsides from your recent news of becoming engaged, think about the large things – the aspects of your wedding day that book up quicker than you can say ‘bob’s your uncle‘.

These aspects (besides contacting O+P to book your wedding planner who is #1 priority!) include your:

  • VENUE,event management

The contractors listed above can be booked anywhere from 8months -to- 2 years in advance. so once your feet have safely returned to earth after your exciting news, hit the ground running!


We at Owl + Pussycat Events specialise in knowing where to start! We have great industry relationships and will search to the end of the world to find you the best solution for your big day.

Not only am I talking about price, but also style and suitability for your requirements and specifications of YOUR event.

Based on your description and criteria, we search, collate and provide options for you to simply select your favourite and allow you to focus on more important factors – such as finding that perfect dress.

A task that can be somewhat overwhelming is second nature to us. Which brings me to my second point…



Worrying about money is the best way to spend the week before your wedding…SAID NOONE EVER!

Apart from the seating plan, the most stressful part of a wedding is often noted as the financials.

In Australia – the average time to plan a wedding (usually the engagement period) is 6-8 months with the average cost totalling $36,000.

Now this is an actual cost of equipment and services for your big day – but have you factored in YOUR TIME…?

The late night googling sessions and sifting through pictures on pinterest. Sourcing quotes for photographers, celebrants, venues, videographers, cakes, hair & makeup, followed by – meeting suppliers, maybe a craft session of invitation & bombonarie making – not to mention styling pieces for your ceremony and reception….. Don’t forget to include juggling work and maybe a child or two…


O+P will help you create a budget and stick to it!

We at Owl + Pussycat Events will source numerous quotes based on your needs and budget which is where our great industry relationships & knowledge have a huge advantage.

We will sift through the fine print to make sure their are no hidden conditions/charges to help find you the best possible price!

Once all is sourced, we will produce an itemised budget specific for your wedding and offer advice and support along the way.

There will be no hidden costs that you may have overlooked and would pop up just before the big day at crunch time.

So – take a step back, relax and allow us to do the hard work on your behalf.



Followed closely by booking your FLORIST, DJ/BAND & TRANSPORT.
Do NOT book these until you have determined your BUDGET!

Another great thing about Owl & Pussycat Events is that we can  include your Florals in with your Styling. Kill two birds with one stone.



Focus on the finer details:

  • who will you ask to be in your bridal party?IMG_0515
  • find your dream dress
  • source suits for the men
  • what about a flower girl and/or page boy
  • don’t forget a makeup artist & hairdresser
  • research and book your honeymoon destination
  • what about accommodation for the night prior & night of
  • gifts for the bridal party
  • and of course STATIONARY – place cards, invitations, menus, and more…

and the list continues…..


KEEP YOUR SANITY – the most important aspect!

You need to enjoy this time and make it memorable for the right reasons.

Enlisting the help of a wedding planner is flexible.

You can hire a wedding planner to help you with the ENTIRE event or to simply help with parts.

Customise your package according to your needs.

One of our most popular packages is ‘On The Day Coordination‘.

  • Have been collecting bits and bobs for your ceremony & reception styling but have  noone to set it on the day?
  • do you have everything booked but need someone to make a timeline of the day to ensure all runs smooth?


O+P can come to the rescue by making a detailed run order of the day – notify all your suppliers where they need to be at what time followed by setting your reception and ceremony to your specifications without the need to ask your family & friends for 1 million favours and stress yourself out.


For more details, visit out Event Management page or Contact Us to setup a consultation.


So while you ponder the above I leave you with my famous words…

This is what I do“. Leave it up to me.

xx Keryn